The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) seeks to promote the peaceful use of atoms and that membership helps to ensure the safety and security of radioactive sources and devices and thereby protection of the environment and human health from these sources and devices. For more information about the IAEA click here.

Barbados became a member of the International Atomic Energy in November 2015. The focal point of the IAEA in Barbados is the Ministry of Health and the designated regulatory authority is the Environmental Protection Department. Through membership to this organisation Barbados has benefitted from many training opportunities and capacity building exercises which has seen personnel from emergency response agencies, including the Barbados Fire Service, Royal Barbados Police Force, Environmental Protection Department, Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Sanitation Service Authority, receive training in various aspects related to their work and ensuring the safety and security of radioactive sources on the island.

 Also, Barbados has participated in two regional projects aimed at strengthening the management of radioactive sources from cradle to grave and also at the development of the legislative framework for the management of radioactive sources. In September 2019, Barbados will host an IAEA Advisory Mission for the Review of the Regulatory Infrastructure for Radiation Safety which will include a National Consultation on Radiation Protection Policy and also a training course on Orphan Sources for emergency responders.