The EPD will respond to complaints which fall under the purview of the various sections of the EPD, ranging from air and noise pollution complaints to marine pollution complaints.

Please download and fill out the form provided and print form. The completed form can be submitted by mail to the Environmental Protection Department, L.V. Harcourt Lewis Building, Dalkeith, St. Michael, or e-mailed to or click HERE for Outlook or other mail client users.

Once a complaint has been submitted to the Department the following process may occur;

  • You will be contacted by an officer of the relevant section to schedule an investigation once it is determined that the complaint falls under the purview of the EPD.
  • Once an investigation is scheduled an on-site visit will be conducted and officers may take photographs and conduct interviews with the complainants in addition to the alleged offender. In the case of noise complaints, noise readings may be taken. (It must be stressed that the identities of complainants are kept within the strictest confidentiality at all times during the investigation)
  • In most cases, if there are existing violations observed the alleged offender will be notified and receive a regulatory notice from the department detailing the violations and the steps required to address the situation.
  • In the case of ambient air quality and noise pollution complaints; similarly to the previous procedure, a regulatory notice will be issued to the alleged offender/operator if violations occur. However, the EPD is required to conduct three subsequent visits (42 days after the first visit, 35 days after the second visit, and 28 days after the third visit) to the operation to ensure the required changes have been implemented. If at the end of the fourth visit and there are still outstanding violations that have not been rectified the matter will be forwarded to the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMO) for their action.
  • Complaints sent to the Chief Medical Officer of Health are no longer under the purview of the EPD and all queries should be directed to the CMO.

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